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By Jane Nambi

Despite the threat from United Kingdom (UK) towards Ecuador, Ecuador has gone ahead and granted Wiki-leaks’ founder, Julian Assage.

Assange has been hiding in Ecuador’s embassy in London for a period of 56 days so as to avoid being extradited to Sweden to face charges of assault.

Ecuador officials made public a threat from UK that despite Ecuador’s granting Assange asylum, UK will go ahead and arrest Assange. “Our legal position is not changing at all. Our position is that we have a duty to extradite him, even if he is granted political asylum,” a Foreign Office spokesman said.

The officials of Ecuador, according to Sky News said that Britain had made a fundamental mistake by threatening to launch a raid on the building and declared that any move to do that would plunge diplomatic relations between the two countries back into the “dark ages”.

Ecuador’s foreign minister Ricardo Patino says his country rejects “in the strongest possible terms the explicit threat” from Britain.  “This is unbecoming of a democratic, civilized and law-abiding state. If this conduct persists, Ecuador will take appropriate responses in accordance with international law,” he said. “If the measures announced in the British official communication materialise they will be interpreted by Ecuador as a hostile and intolerable act and also as an attack on our sovereignty, which would require us to respond with greater diplomatic force.

“Such actions would be a blatant disregard of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and of the rules of international law of the past four centuries.  It would be a dangerous precedent because it would open the door to the violation of embassies as a declared sovereign space,” he clarified.