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By John Kibirige

Arsenal has announced that the eight year striker is joining Manchester United. The team announced this on their website.

Van Persie on 4th July announced that he will not renew his contract at Arsenal because for the last eight years he and the team have failed to restore the lost glory of the team.

Robin Van Persie

Van Persie  said that he is not pleased with the management of the club which has also failed to help the club.

The 29 year old striker, joined Arsenal in 2004 and has since scored 132 goals for the team in various leagues. Van Persie was signed to Arsenal on May 17, 2004 from Feyenoord for £2.75m.

Many teams have been praying for Van Persie to leave Arsenal so that they can sign him. The teams at play were include Juventus,  Manchester City and Manchester United.

Juventus put up a £75m package including a £25m transfer fee and £180,000-a-week contract.

But last week Robin Van Persie told Arsene Wenger that he wished to join Manchester United.

Wenger said that he has no problem to sale Van Persie to Man United because he had become a ‘pain’ on the team and his fast aging was scaring him.

Wenger said : ” I honestly don’t care. Yes, he scored 40 percent of Arsenal’s goals last year, but the rest of the team scored 60 percent. A clear majority. Plus he always used way more towels than one person could possibly need.”

” I can’t tell you how many times other players would come up to me and complain that there were no more towels and every single time Robin would have a giant pile. So have fun with that, Ferguson. You just paid £24 million to lose all your towels. Maybe you’ll learn how to run a football club when you’re 71.”

“It’s a good thing Van Persie said he wanted to leave this summer because the second he showed up at that first preseason training session with more gray hair than me I was ready to sell hi,” he added.

Meanwhile, Robin Van Persie’s transfer deal has already been signed at 24 million pounds.

Manchester United will pay £22.5m, with a further £1.5m one-off bonus to follow if they win a Premier League or Champions League title in the next four years.


  1. langat kenya says:

    It`s normal sense that if you don’t withstand the heat in the kitchen,get out of it.We are living in the world of democracy.Welcome Van to the club.