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By Ahura Mujuni Mark

Uganda’s team at the ongoing Olympics are puzzled after the disappearance of Uganda’s kit.Team officials said yesterday that they could not clearly explain  as to why they had not received Uganda’s Olympics Kit  from PUMA.

Denis Galabuzi the head of Uganda’s delegation to London Olympics on Wednesday said that they are trying to search for the kit in all the offices where it could have been delivered.Officials believe it could have been delivered to a wrong address.

PUMA officials have however argue that they delivered the kit .They presented delivery notes to Ugandan officials indicating that they were supposed to receive  60 pairs of shoes and 60 bags .PUMA insists that that is exactly what they handed over to the local organizing committee which was in turn supposed to pass over the same kit to Uganda.

Uganda’s competitors continue moving about with different wear as competitors from other countries are in uniform.