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By Ahura Mujuni Mark

Uganda has been ranked  the most corrupt country in East Africa.

According to the East African Bribery Report 2012 launched by Transparency International on Thursday ,30 August  2012 at Imperial Royale hotel, Kampala Uganda registered the highest number of corruption cases and is followed by Tanzania while Kenya is the third corrupt country in East Africa.Burundi is the fourth while Rwanda is the least corrupt country in East Africa.

The survey  considered bribery experiences recorded on the basis of public service sectors instead of individual institutions.

The survey sampled 9,303 respondents at the household level across the five East African countries of Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda with the aim of finding out whether they encountered bribery incidences while seeking services from the public sector.The survey explored the legal sector,police among other sectors.

According to the report, Uganda registered the highest percentage value of 40.7%, followed by Tanzania at 39.1% then Kenya at 29.5% with Burundi, Rwanda having 18.8% and 2.5%.

Discussing the findings, anti-corruption experts attributed the problem in Uganda mainly to inadequate political will to fight corruption coupled with low salaries for civil servants.


  1. Emma says:

    prepare a Gold medal 4 m7 in corruption but i tell u will get tried 4 that

  2. Kigozi Kawesa says:

    Did the researchers ever set foot on Kenya soil or any town in our eastern brotherlaand? Well if they did the data collector had issues with the western neighbor of the said country where the research findings were released

  3. OKWII RICHARD says:

    I have no doubt in that. not only does Uganda has a record in East Africa but world wide Uganda has a position in corruption. But it is a shaming. some few individuals in the offices are no longer serving Ugandans but their stomach. The motto changed from “FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY” to “FOR GOD AND MY STOMACH”

  4. Nsubuga Abubakari says:

    Congs Uganda, we have really maintained our slot for several years in a row!

  5. solomon says:

    Total shame, lets work hard to change the character because its not Godly