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By Jane Nambi

T. J

Katherine Jackson has become permanent guardian of Micheal Jackson’s children, Prince, Paris and Blanket and T.J is their co-guardian, a court ruling has revealed.

The judge decided the children had a strong bond with 34-year-old T. J, son to Tito Jackson, Micheal Jackson’s brother who was also among the Jackson five. Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff said, “They have a very significant relationship with TJ Jackson and they love him very much. There are things about his past that the kids can relate to.”

Prince, 15, Paris, 14 and Blanket,10, are supposed to inherit the fortune of Micheal Jackson once they are of age but till then, the children’s guardian is to get a substantial amount of money as allowance to take care of the children.

The three had been put in temporary custody of T.J after their grandmother, Katherine Jackson allegedly got lost. However, T. J’s dedication to the children is something which his lawyer is counting on to help Katherine take care of the children. “He has been very dedicated to these kids since Michael Jackson’s death and he was involved with them before that,” TJ’s lawyer, Charles A. Schultz, said at a Thursday court hearing.

T. J’s situation is similar to Micheal Jackson’s children as his mother died when he was six shortly the divorce from father. Her boyfriend at the time was convicted of causing her to drown and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

With the same tragedy on his head as the children, Schultz said of their loss,  “He had a loss early in his life of a close personal relative and they can identify with that.


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