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By Jane Nambi

Rihanna has warned Paris Hilton to stay away from Chris Brown after she was seen partying hard with him recently.

Chris Brown recently got involved in a fight with Drake over Rihanna and it seems she is returning the favor by standing up for him. The two are clearly still into each other but they are too scared to admit it to themselves and the public.

According to a Now! source, Rihanna is not happy with Hilton’s relationship with Chris Brown. “She hit the roof when she saw pics of Paris draped over Chris. She got mutual pals to send word to Paris that she was out of line and to get her bony ass away from her man!”

Chris Brown is currently dating Karrueche who is also a close friend to Paris Hilton which explains their partying. However, the on-off again relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown should either be on or off before it gets the best of them.

Paris Hilton and Chris Brown partying.

The couple separated after paparazzi photographed Brown hitting Rihanna which caused a lot of chaos. The media were all over it and soon, Rihanna filed for a straining order which the court accepted. The two have admitted to still having feelings for each other even after the break up but is seemed like the two had finally gotten over each other, well, may be not yet!