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By Mirembe Martina

Love has a funny way of showing its strengths, even when you do not wish it to do so. It has been revealed that Robert Pattinson, one of the victims of one of the most heartening cheatings of Kristen Stewart, still loves Stewart despite her cheating on him with director, Rupert Sanders.

According to Hollywood Life, Robert still loves Stewart despite her cheating on him with Sanders. A close source to Pattinson told Hollywood Life that he is happier and trying to deal with life.

“Robert is happy and coping much better than Kristen and is trying to move on from her. He still loves her but he is over the relationship,” our source tells HollywoodLife. “Kristen broke all the trust he had for her and he is not interested in fixing it,” the source said.

It is good to know that the two Twilight stars still have feelings for each other after Stewart made it publicly known that she love Pattinson so much. If the two manage to work out their differences, may be, just may be Breaking Dawn 2 will not be that awkward!