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By Sandra Birungi

Prisoners disguised themselves as trash in a bid to escape from a jail in Brazil.

The two prisoners, Sidney da Cruz, 24, and Carlos Pereira, 19, apparently tried to escape from jail in Brazil, Delegacia de Furtos jail in Curitiba, Brazil, last week on Tuesday hopping to be disposed off as trash but in vain.

According to the Daily Mail, Noticias de Navarra, the two apparently waited till it was lunch time when the garbage was being collected and decided to climb into the plastic trash bags and managed to place themselves next to other bags.

However, the two bags were breathing according to a prison guard, Cleverson Mineiro. “I was walking past the sacks of rubbish and I noticed something moving,” he told Record TV, a Brazilian TV network. “At first I thought there was a rat.”

Because of their trying to escape, the two might have additional jail time as prisons authorities try to figure out how they tied the trash bags while inside them.