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By Sandra Birungi

A man has been arrested by police after his trying to pose as a traffic officer for quite some time.

The arrested man used to steal from drivers whom he apprehended; he was identified as Alex Semwanga. Semwanga is a resident of Kyampisi, Mukono district but usually refers to himself as Asiimwe.

Alex was arrested in uniform of traffic officer which he said acquired long ago before he ever wanted to pose a traffic officer. The name tag on the uniform was Alex number 46882. The uniform was bound together by a fake belt and was putting on military shoes.

Alex also had a file and a book with the list which he would use to issue the victimized drivers. Asked where he acquired the items from, Alex said the uniform was sewn for him at a tailor’s place, he bought the shoes from Owino market while he made the receipt book himself.

Police has filed a case against him with charges of false identity and being found with a uniform which did not belong to him.