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By Martha Nakimuli

National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) has introduced a new curriculum for secondary school students in ordinary level which will take effect starting 2015.

In this new curriculum, more emphasis will be put on practical education than theory teaching.

According to Ms Angela Kyagaba, the CURASSE coordinator, the the current curriculum will be repackaged to form this new curriculum in order to ensure that it matches  the changing needs of society.

NCDC has now embarked on holding workshops countrywide  to collect views of various stakeholders which will be incorporated in the new curriculum.

Recently, government also revised the primary teachers’ education curriculum where  three subjects including Agriculture, Kiswahili and Early Childhood Development  were added.Earlier changes included making  Mathematics  or IT  compulsory at A level.

The proposed new O -Level curriculum comes at a time when government is also planning to roll out the ‘Skilling Uganda’ programme where learning will be designed with short courses for senior four leavers, school drop-outs and graduates

Currently, 32 subjects are offered at O-Level but students can make a choice of up to eight or ten.


  1. If all Ugandans could learn that NCDC has the solutions to our education sector, it would save the billions of monies being wasted in the various sector.For instance there is a lot of unemployment due to lack of employable skills, which has now resulted in corruption and robbery for survival. This is a problem that can only be solved by change of curriculum and the only competent body to do that is NCDC. However, the government does not recognize this fact to facilitate the mandated body to review curricula.
    We always sing vocationalising Uganda’ education but no commitment is made to venture in terms of materials and funding, what it takes to achieve this myth “skilling Uganda”