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By Sandra Birungi

The Uganda National Drug Authority (NDA) has suspended drugs which are suspected to be harmful from the market which were being manufactured by an Indian based pharmaceutical company, Flamingo.

NDA found out that the drugs were substandard and were banned from the market. The banned drugs range from antibiotics to pain killers, vitamin supplements, de-wormers and anti-malarial medicines.

According to the New Vision, experts interviewed believe that the substandard medicines would result into drug resistant disease strains, which would be passed on to other people.

NDA executive, Gordon Sematiko wrote a letter which was dated July 25th stating that the Flamingo Pharmaceuticals did not comply with the good manufacturing practice. In the letter, Gordon explained that there was evidence and guidance from experts which led to the decision to ban the medicines from the market.

“We have quarantined the drugs. This means that those who have them cannot sell or distribute them until further notice,” he said.

Some of the drugs in question include Cetrizine, Folic Acid, Ibrufen, Paracentamol and Mebendazole among others.