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By Jumah Nsubuga

Karamoja Members of parliament  demand a forensic audit into the Ministry of Finance over the unused funds by districts brought to the consolidated fund.

Addressing journalists at parliament on Friday, the secretary of the group Remegio Achia said that for the last 20 years they have not seen the accountability of the remittances of the money from the districts to the Ministry of Finance.

Remigio Achia

Achia said that police and the Inspector General of Government should investigate into this matter because the district remittance to finance ministry could have been mismanaged by some officials in this ministry for personal gains as it is in the office of the Prime Minister.

Karamoja MPs also expressed disappointment over appointment of few
ministers from Karamoja yet 90% of Karimajong support the NRM government.

“Karamoja  has only 2 state ministers,2 RDC and one ambassador in the period of 26 years.We also need a full cabinet minister because Karamoja belongs to NRM family,” MPs noted.

They also questioned to why roads in different parts of the country are still in poor state yet the budget of roads repair and construction was increased to one trillion shillings.

“Almost all roads in different regions in this country are in sorry state. The ministry of roads and transport should explain why the roads are not repaired yet the money for roads always accounted for in budget,” the MP added.