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By our reporter

Kampala central MP, Mohammed Nsereko has denied the allegations that he was arrested yesterday over fraud.

The rumours circulated yesterday that the legislator was briefly detained at Crane Bank main branch where he had gone to make a transaction.

Mohammed Nsereko

Nsereko told journalists at parliament that although he made a transaction yesterday from Crane Bank, the allegations that he was detained are just intended to silence him from articulating issues which affect Ugandans.

“Nothing happened. I have not been arrested or charged anywhere. I walked in two  banks and did my transactions for my business. I withdrew 17.5m and even exchanged dollars from Equity and Crane Bank

“Those who say that I was detained at the bank have intentions of tarnishing my dignity in the public. They want to channel me from doing my work. Even if some people tries to deform my name I will still stand strong” Nsereko noted

“I would like to tell my voters in Kampala and the whole country at large that am free not even ever detained by police as rumours have been circulated by unknown people,” He added.

  • Nsubuga Abubakari

    They have started their usual tricks of silencing peoples’ fighters thinking that after these 26 or so years the population can still be duped to believe them wapi we are now cleverer than 10 years ago when whatever you people said was taken as gospel truth. Spare us the time to lament on how you have exploited us all those years.