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Miss China Yu Wenxia

Miss China Yu Wenxia is Miss World 2012

Miss China Yu Wenxia won the Miss World Title 2012 over the weekend .  Yu Wenxia is Miss Wold 2012 and replaces Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela who won the crown in 2011.

Wenxia’s  selection as Miss World 2012  is now under controversy . Critics  claim that Miss World’s judges  could have been swayed by China’s hosting duties.The pageant that attracted 116 contestants was hosted in Odros City in China’s Inner Mongolia district.

“I was not surprised at all to see that the winner of the pageant was Miss China given that it was held in a Chinese city with Chinese hosts and a huge group of screaming Chinese fans that erupted into applause every time she was mentioned,” one commenter wrote on a Huffington Post article announcing the winner. He also added the hashtags: “#Rigged #Fake #SecondPlaceOlympicsRebound”

Miss Mexico, Mariana Reynoso, had been the bookmakers’ favourite for the title, but failed to make the last seven candidates despite a strong showing in the early rounds of the pageant.

Sophie Moulds of Wales was the second in the contest while Jessica Kahawaty of Australia emerged the third.

Wenxia is the second winner from China in the contest’s history, after Zhang Zilin’s win in 2007. Both Yu and Zilan won their titles when their home country served as host to the awards. For that reason, critics wonder whether Miss World’s judges were swayed by China’s hosting duties.



  1. Helen Tun says:

    So, an Asian won in an Asian country…. let’s be frank, you guys are just RACIST!