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By Lydia Nsubuga

A fight erupted between the Mukono Municipality mayor John Senyonga Muyanja and his councilors during the passing of the 2012-2013 municipality budget at Resort hotel in Mukono today.

Some of the councilors who have become impatient with what they termed as fake promises attacked mayor Muyanja over their delayed three months sitting allowances.

Mayor Muyanja Senyonga

Councilors have also pinned mayor Muyanja for using municipal finances to facilitate the “WOMEN SKILLS PROJECT” which they say he hijacked  from the municipality and registered it as his personal non government organization.

Led by Emmanuel Kasingye, councilors told the press that the project was a town council program sponsored by “GRAN”and when Mukono became a Municipality, it took over the ownership but were surprised to get information that the mayor has registered it as an NGO and yet it has never been passed by the council.

They added that the Mayor went ahead and blind folded them, and used the council money to facilitate the graduation of his project when they have not even received any single coin for the last three months.

The councilors have vowed to carry out investigations to find out who gave him the authority to do so.

However Muyanja says that since UTODA rejected paying revenue after failing to a bind with what they debated on, there has been confusion for three months but councilors will get their allowances soon.

Muyanja added that he registered the program as an NGO after the council had completely failed to raise money to facilitate the program for the previous years.