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By Jane Nambi

A man was arrested for alleged theft and to prove his innocence, he decide to undress while in jail.

Konstantin Khazin, 25 was accused of breaking and entering into his neighbor’s home in San Diego on Thursday 9th. His neighbor, a woman, said she found him naked, in her bed which scared her.

Described by 10News as a white man with tattoos and a mohawk, Ukrainian-born Khazin, informed the authorities that he heard a noise inside the woman’s apartment and went to see what it was. He explained that he found the door unlocked and went to look inside but then stripped and sat down on the bed according to NBC San Diego.

Police say that Khazin said he had stayed in the apartment so that his neighbor wouldn’t think he was stealing anything.

Talk about crazy. Investigators however say it didn’t appear he intended to assault his neighbor. They also noted that the suspect did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.