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By Jane Nambi

The National Drug Authority (NDA) has banned a number of drugs from the market due to their substandard nature. The drugs banned are manufactured by Flamingo Pharmaceuticals, an Indian based pharmaceutical company. Below is the full list of the drugs which were banned.

Trade NameGeneric Name
Ampilicilin injectionAmpilicilin Sodium
Analmin capsulesMefenamic Acid
Azixlae 500Clarithormycin
Aziflam 250Azithromycin
Aziflam 500Azithromycin
Benzathine PenicilinBenzathine Penicilin
Carbozina TabletsCarbamazepine
Cardilan 100Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate
CeftrileCeftriaxone Sodium
Cetrizine TabletsCetrizine
Cifin 500Ciprofloxacin
Cipritol 4Cyproheptadine
Clindacin 150Clindamycin
Clindacin 500Clindamycin
Cloxacillin Sodium for injectionCloxacillin Sodium
Dermavin 500MGGriseofulvin
Diclon 50Diclofenac Sodium
Doxycycline Capsules B. PDoxycline Hydrochloride
Erycin 250MG TabletsErythromycin Stearate
Flaci-quin 300Quinine Sulphate
Flamifen TabletsIbruprofen
Flamocin 200Ofloxacin
Folic Acid 5MGFolic Acid 5MG
Glibetic TabletsGlibenclamide
HymodeHyoscine Bultylbromide
Indo 25 CapsulesIndomethacin