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Kofi Annan has resigned his post as special envoy to Syria.Kofi Annan’s decision to step down stems from Syrian government’s intransigence, the growing militancy of Syrian rebels and a divided Security Council that failed to forcefully back his efforts to end the violence that has led to thousands of people .

While addressing reporters in Geneva Annan said that since he took on the job, Russia and China have twice used their veto power to block strong Western- and Arab-backed action against President Bashar Assad’s regime.

“It is impossible for me or anyone to compel the Syrian government and also the opposition to take the steps to bring about the political process,” said Annan, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former U.N. secretary general.

The White House  also said Annan’s resignation highlighted the failure of Russia and China to support action against Assad and called the regime’s continued violence against its own people “disgusting.”

The United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon says he deeply regrets Kofi Annan’s decision to quit.