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By Jane Nambi

Kiprotich Stephen, 23, from Kapchorwa, Uganda lifted Uganda on high during the London Olympics 2012 closing ceremony when he managed to scoop himself a gold medal in the 42km/23m race. His race to the win was documented in pictures.

Kiprotich starts off the race with the rest of the people.

Kiprotich makes the run for the gold.

Kiprotich racing to the win with Kenyan competitors.

Kiprotich and other competitors.

Kiprotich and Kenyan competitors.

London Olympics 2012, Stephen Kiprotich.

Stephen Kiprotich.

Kiprotich approaches the finishing line.

Kiprotich reaches the finishing line.

Kiprotich becomes Ugandan winner at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics 2012.

Kiprotich being congratulated by friend after winning.

Kiprotich kisses the Ugandan flag after winning.


  1. Omara Elem says:

    Well done man you have made us proud and lifted our flag high.
    I pray government start looking at sports not wasting money on campaigns only which is dividing us more.

    You and John Akii Bua the RIP should be crown as real hero of this nation.

  2. Sophia Asiimwe says:

    CONGRATULATIONS dear Stephen Kiprotich and thank you for saving the face of Uganda at the London Olympics.
    I admired your faith as you thanked God for the gold. I was also impressed by your love for our beloved Country as you bent low to kiss the flag.
    Thank you Vision Group for love for our Country by creating this site. Thanks to this unknown person in the crowd who patiently held and provided the flag of Uganda !
    Once again CONGRATULATIONS and Blessings to our Brother Kipro ! Alakara nooi ! Asnte saana ! Apwoyo matek !

  3. cheptegei justine says:

    Congratulations my dear brother,i am so humbled that you believed that God made you a star by thanking him after winning.You have even put us in the history of Uganda as sebei community.Keitabon ba.

  4. Gopal says:

    Great moment to celebrate, even though Iam not an Ugandan by birth, i feel proud to see the moment when I saw an Ugandan name in the list of Marathon race, we( the family) were praying the almighty to give him enough strength to win the medal which will lift the pride of the nation, he is the real man, yes real man, He made it.I wish him a better future and may god bless him to break all the world records.