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By Jane Nambi

Kibaale district had an attack of Ebola which left many scared of the deadly virus.

Kibaale district has reopened its schools after Ebola and Cholera attacks wore off in time for the next term to begin, Daily Monitor reports.

Approximately 200 schools had been indefinitely been closed in the district after the Ebola attack which claimed the lives of many and later on Cholera which claimed two lives from the district.

“After consultation with World Health Organization, the ministries of Health and Education the district has cleared markets and schools to resume normal operations,” Mr. Stephen Mfashingabno, the vice chairperson of the district Ebola task force said on Wednesday.

Despite their being reopened, Mfashingabno said health workers will continue to monitor the situation closely lest there is another out break.

Schools and markets had been closed after health centers discovered the deadly Ebola virus in the district which claimed the lives of close to 20 people in the district. This ensued into the closure of 220 private and government aided primary and secondary schools.

District Health Officer, Dr. Dan Kyamanywa said there have not been any new cases reported since the last patient was discharged last week. The district has been given 21 days of surveillance in which if no new cases are registered, Kibaale district will be declared Ebola free.



    I am really grateful to all the tireless efforts put in by all the health workers most especially those centered in kibale district to see that ebola is out of our region. You have done great work to save our brothers and sisters as well as Uganda at large. Thank you your efforts will always be felt.