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Muslim preacher Aboud Rogo Mohammed

Muslim preacher Aboud Rogo Mohammed

Riots in Kenya over the death of Muslim preacher Aboud Rogo Mohammed have continued for a second day.

Protesters clashed with police on Tuesday  in Kenya’s port city of Mombasa throwing stones and damaging property,an AFP reporter  who witnessed the incident said .

Preacher Aboud Rogo Mohammed, shot dead on Monday by “unknown people” according to the police, was on US and UN sanctions lists for allegedly supporting Somalia’s extremist Al Shabab insurgents.

Shortly after his death furious protests erupted, with one person on Monday hacked to death, cars set on fire and several churches looted.

“The riots have started again,” said Khalid Hussain of Muslims for Human Rights, a local organisation.

The cleric — popularly known as Rogo — was the spiritual leader of the Muslim Youth Centre (MYC), a group viewed as a close ally of the extremist Al Shabab.

“Our beloved Shaikh Aboud Rogo… was murdered by the kuffar [unbeliever] as part of Kenya’s policy of extra-judicial killings against prominent Muslim activists,” the MYC said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Islamist group blamed the authorities for the murder of the preacher, but police have dismissed the claim and say they are hunting the killers.