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By Martha Nakimuli

Singers Jamal, Jackie Chandiru and her former Blue 3 mate Cindy Sanyu are heading to London to grace what is expected to be one of the biggest Uganda shows in the UK this year.

The organisers have dubbed it UK Ekiggunda and it borrows a leaf from what its Kampala equivalent does, bringing a host of Ugandan talent on the same stage.

Jackie Chandiru

The likes of George Mulindwa and omwana Isaac have travelled from the US and Sweden respectively to join up with those based in the UK and the trio will be travelling from Uganda to set London on fire on September 1.

The Uganda-departing trio was each paid between shs5million and shs8 million to perform at the event which be running every year.

“Of course there is a reason why they chose us,” said Jamal. “I can promise to do my best.”

The concert is taking place at the coliseum suite 300-310 high Road liford in Essex 1G11QW.


  1. Denis gidaga says:

    This shows us that their performances can really match the taste of the audience there