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By Jane Nambi

Four more dead bodies of Ugandans who crashed along the slopes of Mount Kenya have been recovered shooting the number of the dead UPDF officers to 7 in total.

This marks the end of the search for any survivors of the plane crashes that have seen seven people killed according to the government. The dead were Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) officers who were bound to Somalia to help the African Union fight the Al-shabaab militants who have turned the country into a war zone.

Four helicopters were bound for Garrissa but only one reached while the three crashed, injured and killed their passengers. It’s not clear what caused the plane crashes although the al-shabaab have been ruled out.

According to the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF), the bodies were flown to Nairobi by the Kenya Air Force, after being discovered at the slopes of Mt. Kenya. This marks the end of the three-day search and rescue mission.

KDF, alongside some volunteers from Kenya Wildlife Service, and the Forestry Service, were camped on the slopes of Mt. Kenya to find the missing soldiers. They stayed there for three days.

Despite the dead, there is still hope for those who managed to stay alive as 21 were rescued on Monday after the plane crashes the day before. Each of the helicopters was carrying seven people bringing the number to a total of 28 soldiers. 21 were rescued while seven were declared dead upon being found.

The UN has been asked to restore the crashed helicopters to aid the AU in their mission in Somalia.