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Fela Kuti

Nigeria’s saxophone player Fela Kuti  is far from forgotten.Today Thursday August 2,  Nigeria marks 15 years since Kuti died.Fela Kuti’s  spirit still haunts his old house for his outsized personality and social activism  which made him a hero to many while he was still alive.

His funeral in the capital Lagos also  drew massive crowds into the streets.”Today we remember all his goodness”said one of his music fans.

The celebrated saxophone player was a strong  critic of Nigeria’s corrupt elite, lashing out in songs like “Coffin for Head of State” or “International Thief Thief”.Kuti combined jazz, traditional music and other sounds and was always a star.

“It’s gone beyond a Nigerian story,” his son Femi Kuti, also a musician, said recently before taking the stage at the family’s New Afrika Shrine club in Lagos. “It’s gone beyond an African story. It’s like jazz.”

Kuti was raised in a middle-class family and studied music in England, but was able to connect with ordinary people even after his fame grew. By UP