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By Jumah Nsubuga

Members of the East Africa Legislative Assembly have called upon leaders of the member states to give the assembly autonomous powers.

Appearing before the parliamentary committee on the East African affairs, Uganda’s representative to the assembly led by Bernard Mulengani said that the assembly has no powers to implement their own decisions.

Benard Mulengani

Mulengani says that the assembly should be managed by the legislatures themselves not under the secretariat which works in isolation of the assembly.

He added that the council of ministers only brings the protocols to the assembly instead of legislation but due to limited powers of the assembly the members cannot question council’s action.

Mulengani further added that the duties of the assembly has been limited because the members are left out in the budgeting for the assembly activities.

Mulengani told members  that the sustainability of the East Africa community and the achievement of a political federation will depend on level of political goodwill and public support within the region.

He  said that the implementation of the EAC treaty requires successful negotiation of a number of protocols in order for negotiations to succeed quickly, political goodwill is essential.

“It is a good thing to note that currently all the three partner sates believe in market-driven policies, good governance and rule of Law which help to shape common political ground that will help in shaping economic, political and social integration and eventually the establishment of political federation” He noted