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By Mirembe Martina

The fork was lodged inside Gardner’s stomach causing ulcers.

Lee Gardner, ten years ago swallowed a disposable fork and has been living in his stomach for that long, until he was operated upon.

A doctor told him not to worry and to let the fork pass saying he would be okay and he was actually fine, he had forgotten about the incident.

However, he started having stomach pains and vomited blood. At 40, Gardner was taken to a South Yorkshire hospital and doctors operated upon him only to find the 9-inch fork lodged inside him, scratching against his stomach lining.

“I can’t believe it. I have never had any problems with my stomach except once a couple of years ago I remember thinking I felt like something had lodged when I bent over awkwardly,” he told the BBC. “But the advice at the time was that it would just pass through my system, and as that was so many years before I really didn’t think it could be the fork.”

The fork’s tines had left a bad ulcer on his stomach that led to the bleeding, the Daily Mail reported. It took the doctors 45 minutes to remove the fork.

Gardner showing the fork which had spent 10 years in his stomach.

“If something does get lodged, then normally a patient would become ill almost immediately. This is why Lee’s case is so uncharacteristic,” a consultant at Barnsley Hospital said. “The plastic had been exposed to stomach acid for ten years but apart from it being black, there was no damage. It didn’t melt it down or anything which is remarkable.”