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By Jane Nambi

Police has arrested four Bulgarian thieves for stealing money from Automated machines (ATMs).

The arrested are identified as Ivan Ganchev Emilov 37, Anton Ivanov 25, Milen Katsarski 25 and Adrian Dimitov 25.

They were arrested when they went to Stanbic Bank Nateete branch as they tried to steal money from the machine at 9:30pm yesterday, Thursday.

Identity cards of the Bulgarian thieves

It is said that they entered the ATM location and the security guard at the machine decided to check up on them. He found them dismantling the machine and decided to take them to his bosses who later took them to police.

Police searched their car, Super Custom UAR 770Z and several items were found which are suspected they were using to steal money. Among the items found were 38 ATM cards, a list of 45 ATM pin numbers, a charger for their improvised ATM and other gadgets.

RPC Jacob Opolot of Kampala metropolitan said that the arrested seem to have stolen a lot of money and investigations are going on to establish how much they stole.

A case number SD/ 29/ 30/ 08/ 2012 was opened on them.


  1. Cyrus hope says:

    Hey, am cyrus from uganda, they must pay 300,000$ charges for poor ugandan. And they must deport them to there home gorvernment of bulgaria to be jailed for life. This becouse if it was a black man in bulgeria, he was going to be punished and jailed

  2. denis williams says:

    Immigration needs to style up. They don’t check these guys coming in . everyone comes in as an investor. do they have work permits for example? does anyone know what these guys have been doing???
    I sometimes visit Rwanda. Once you enter Rwanda and fill in the forms as to where you are going and what you are going to do, you are finished- because they will follow you up and crosscheck to ascertain what you put on the entry form. Dowe ever do this? Nedda. So guys have a free entry and exit. SAD!!!!!! Immigration please style up.

  3. Fodada says:

    Ohh this is crazy, the bulgarians have been stealing our money and using it to play on Ugandans.This fellas know English , especially Adrian Dimitrov .Our security needs to be more tighter on some of this people.