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By Martha Nakimuli

Just a few days ago the self proclaimed Ghetto President Bobi Wine unveiled a yacht as his latest possession. The singer who valued his new possession at $750,000 (about sh1.9 billion) also went ahead and bought his wife a Jeep Wrangler.

And because of his new luxuries, some people had started accusing Bobi of living large and forgetting the Ghetto people whose views he had from the start represented as a singer.

Bobi Wine

This left Bobi touched and decided to release another Ghetto song. In this song he sends quite controversial message to KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi and also gives several examples of KCCA cruelty.

Bobi in his new song sings about a woman cooking food by the roadside whose utensils were taken by KCCA, An old woman who shed tears when KCCA officials took the maize she was roasting by the roadside and stories of other common incidences.

Bobi goes ahead and warns of possible repercussions of leaving people with no work. He says he is a messenger to Musisi to reduce the fierceness. He challenges the city boss, saying that the city is for everyone and she is just one them.

In a bid to prove how much he loves the city, Bobi reminds Musisi that he went as far as naming his son Kampala city.



  1. hussein saddam says:

    long live the ghetto president, BOBI WINE.. one love.