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By Maureen Nakigozi

Bobi Wine is happy after acquiring an expensive yatch but he is unhappy that some people are not happy to see him happy.

There are rumours that the yatch is owned by tycoon Sudhir Ruperella’s daughter Meera while others suggest that it is owned by Sudanese moneyed fella Tito Tong and Bobi just borrowed it shoot his video I promise.

Barbie on the Yatch

But the Ghetto Gladiator has launched a scathing attack at his rival Bebe Cool labelling him a coward and failure and being behind the rumours.

“Bebe cool knows why he is spreading false information (that the yatch is not bobi’s),” said Bobi. “You see I have been a mystery to Bebe Cool since 1996 and he just doesn’t want to believe that I bought the yatch.”

He says he shopped for the yatch two years ago in Florida and he is not even excited. “The yatch hasn’t excited me as much as Bebe Cool,” he said. “Beckham had a yatch before he was my age and Drogba owns one yet he is younger than me, so it’s not big deal for me at my age. It’s an ordinary life for but is Bebe Cool thinks it’s something  huge, I am sorry.”

Bobi Wine Says he paid a whopping $750,000 (nearly sh2b) for the yatch, but we are yet to establish the actual cost it. It has two-bedroom cabins, TV, Jacuzzi, Conference room, toilet with a pilot console and sun-bath spot.


  1. Andrew says:

    Do these guys really think Ugandans are idiots that can be easily taken for a ride? Does Bobiwine understand the magnitude of 750,000 United States Dollars an equivalent of 2 billion shillings while according listings, his entire wealth constitutes not more than 500 Million Ugandan Shillings. They should take their childish comedy some where else and spare Ugandans their lies.