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Barrack Obama‘s online Ads on different media has been assessed and results show that his Ads are four times expensive than Romney’s digital ads.

The disparity has been present throughout the election season.Since President Barack Obama kicked off his reelection effort last spring, his campaign spent $31 million on digital ads through June of this year. That’s nearly four times the $8.1 million that Mitt Romney’s campaign.

By March, Obama had paid nearly $19 million for digital ads compared to Romney’s $5.2 million. By May of this year, Super PACs had spent about $7.8 million on digital ads backing Republican presidential primary candidates or opposing Obama, according to ClickZ Politics analysis.

Meanwhile when Mitt Romney leaves his party’s convention in Tampa next week, he will depart with the Republican nomination—and access to $165 million that his campaign will use to blanket the airwaves.

A substantial portion of that is money that Mr. Romney has so far not been able to touch, because it was donated specifically for the general election. Romney staff members see access to the funds as a turning point that will allow the campaign and its allies to press what they believe will be an advantage over Democrats in TV ad spending and boost their on-the-ground game.