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By Maureen Nakigozi

Aziz Azion has started fighting with fellow singer Big Eye.

The problem stems from allegations that Big Eye stole a video concept that Aziz and his colleagues at West End created for a new girl group, Ama.

It is said that the video for big eye’s song Phone Busy duplicates what is in Ama’s video Mbulira.

Accordingly, Aziz dropped Big Eye a line asking him to redo his video and “think original” next time he wants to make a video, something which did not go well with the Sula indicator singer.

The Ama girls also went public attacking Big Eye and video maker Nicoh Jah Jah on Facebook. The guys Sarcastically thanked Nicoh and Big Eye for being “Our biggest fans. You can also wait for our next video and copy.”

Big eye and Nicoh reacted by hurling insults at Aziz and co. Continued to flare between the two camps.