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Abdu Mulasi Uganda’s celebrated Kadongo Kamu singer was introduced to the parents of his lover  Fatuma Mugenyi in Muyenga on Thursday.

Abdu Mulasi delivered many presents to Fatuma’s home and is ready to wed her come December this year.Wedding meetings are already on,to see the ‘farm manager’  enter a holly marriage.

Earlier this year Mulasi declared that he is tired of playing around with women and is ready to settle in marriage.”I have played enough and I am now a mukoowu ready to settle down with the love of my life.” he was quoted saying

His lover Mugenyi is a Ugandan business woman based in the UK where she plies her Kyeyo work.

Mulasi’s music is mainly about women. Songs like ‘Swimming Pool’, ‘Best Man’ and ‘Obubina Bwa Chips’ among other songs.


  1. Andrew says:

    What type of business does she do? Or is it one of the many lies these nkuba kyeyo’s peddle around. I bet she cleans toilets in the UK.

  2. sexy says: