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By Jumah Nsubuga

Gerald Karuhanga

Gerald Karuhanga

The youth members of parliament have urged the government to provide free condoms to Ugandans  as a way of fighting HIV/AIDS in the country .

Western youth MP, Gerald Karuhanga  said that most Ugandans  do not have money to buy condoms to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS  a reason why the prevalence rate has increased in the country.

“Government should take Chinese example. Chinese government provides condoms to its people free of charge that is  why the number of people living with HIV in china is very limited” Said Karuhanga

The 2011 Uganda AIDS survey released by Ministry of Health  indicated  that 7.3% of Ugandans aged 15 to 49 in Uganda are living with HIV.

The youth MPs said that government should base on the Ministry of Health’s survey and start providing free condoms to the citizens.

The MPs  said that Ugandans have failed to use the ABC strategy a reason why  HIV/AIDS  is increasing in the country.