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By Jumah Nsubuga

The Uganda national students association have petitioned parliament over the  students scheme and teachers salaries.

The students led by the association president `Denis Onek Amere want parliament to half approving the 2012/2013 for both the ministries of finance and education until the students  and teachers to priories are sufficiently addressed.

While handing the petition to the deputy speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanya, the angry student claimed that  government through the ministry of finance must allocate a budget for the student’s loan scheme as students as other countries like Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria does.

The student also said that president Museveni during the presidential campaigns of 2011 promised to create a loan scheme for students but it has never been implemented.

They (students) said that teacher salaries should be uniformly raised at least by 30% but not only favoring science teachers in neglect of Arts teachers as it was stated during the reading of the 2012/13 national budget. Student also added that making teachers salaries uniform will help to motivate and avoid future internal conflicts that would arise between teachers.

It the petition, students demanded government to be more vigilant and try all measures possible to stop the rampant fire out breaks at schools added that lives of  young people should be valued because they are the next generation. The students however demanded the reports on all fire out break in different schools to be released to the public and accessible at all times to all stakeholders.

Students further said that all the motioned priorities must be dealt with before parliament approves the 2012/2013 budget.

They however threatened to mobiles their fellow students and teachers to demonstrate if government fails to listen to their prayers.



  1. NSUBUGA HOOD says:

    indeed the gov’t should be fair to all teachers without discreminating some becuase they are all equally important. teachers who have helped many young people to get jobs are vocational,technical and business teachers not even scince teachers, yet these teachers have not been considered.
    p’se think twice son of veteran. luwero

  2. ssekate william says:

    am admitted at makerere but i decided to leave because i dont have fee. the gov’t can assist me??? and any body can give me something to do for him/her am capable of doing it as longer as is paying for me tuttion.