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By Mirembe Martina

Ugandan contestant in Tusker Project Fame 5 Sharon is on probation again after failing to impress the judges in yesterday’s nomination show.

Performing Sweetest Taboo, Sharon failed to impress the judges. Judge Julianna said the performance wasn’t her best. “Sharon, this was not one of your better performances,” Ian said. Principle Helen of the academy said she was too cautious as she was singing which did not sit well with her.

The theme of last week was transformation and the contestants had to show some sort of transformation in yesterday’s nomination show and transformation the showed.

Ruth Matete, Kenya, came with a new hairstyle and dressing with a multicolored attire, Ruth performed Africa. “Wow, you can sing anything,” Julianna said. Judge Ian said, “You are more controlled, more confident, you are a star.”

Rwanda’s Jackson did his own rendition of No Woman no Cry by Bob Marley which received a lot of applause and good commentary. “You blew it out of the box for me,” Judge Hermes said of his performance. Jackson did a slow version of the song which wowed the crowd. Julianna said, “I loved that rendition, you surprised me. That was fabulous.”

Nancy did Yvone Chaka Chaka’s Mr DJ which saw comments from the judges stating that she performed more than sung. “You could have done more with it vocally,” Julianna said. Ian was more brutal saying, “I didn’t like it,you were singing the same way,” he said.

Doreen did Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t she Lovely. “The transformation was lovely but your voice wasn’t. You don’t have the voice to carry that song through,” Ina said. However, his counterparts didn’t agree. “You tried that very well,” Hermes said. “You did that really well,” Julianna said.

Steve did Tom Jones, It’s not Unusual. Judges agreed he entertained more than performed with the song. “I was entertained. I think you could have done better vocally,” Hermes said. Ian said he did not like the rendition at all.

Joe did Shawri Yako which judges said was not the right song for him. “You were struggling. the band rocked it better than you,” Hermes said.

After the individual performances, the contestants sang jointly Africa which they danced to and sang jointly drawing a lot of cheers from the crowd.

Sharon, Nancy, Steve and Joe landed themselves on probation as Doreen, the purple princess survived being put on probation this week.


  1. minayo says:

    i think the TPF 5 is ok. Saturday’s eviction of Samantha was a surprise. She could have been given a chance, she has strong vocals.

  2. minayo says:

    Sharon can do better. She is a prospective candidate. All the best

    1. maureen says:

      yes ov cos, sharon needs all our support

  3. musa gani says:

    i think she can do better