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By Jane Nambi

One of the Ugandan contestants in Big Brother Africa 7, Jannette was evicted after being put up for eviction for the first time since the beginning of BBA 7.

Jannette was among other four contestants who were up for eviction. Among them were Kyle (Uganda), Prezzo (Kenya), Lady May (Namibia). Kyle was put up for eviction by Wati after he replaced him with himself as Head of House.

However, Kyle was once again saved by Africa but Jannette did not get the same luck as she was evicted.

Jannette was the only person who was evicted in the last eviction show before the grand finale which is to take place this week. There are now six contestants remaining in the house and one of them will emerge as the winner.

BBA finalists

  1. Kyle – Uganda
  2. Prezzo – Kenya
  3. Lady May – Namibia
  4. Wati – Malawi
  5. Keagan – South Africa
  6.  Talia – Zambia

Here is how Africa Voted:

  • Angola: Lady May
  • Botswana: Lady May
  • Namibia: Lady May
  • Zimbabwe: Lady May
  • Ghana: Jannette
  • Kenya: Prezzo
  • Liberia: Prezzo
  • Tanzania: Prezzo
  • Rest of Africa: Prezzo
  • Malawi: Kyle
  • Nigeria: Kyle
  • South Africa: Kyle
  • Sierra Leone: Kyle
  • Uganda: Kyle
  • Zambia: Kyle