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By Jane Nambi

A Canadian NGO has donated ARVs to Uganda worth sh60m approximately sh147b.

The drugs were handed over to the authorities of 15 government aided health centers and  private health centers in Mbale district yesterday.

“We have reason to dance and rejoice because the Hebrews have restored hope in us and the relatives of the people suffering from HIV. We have been moving for long distances to look for the drugs and sometimes we reach when they are out of stock,” Zulaika Naikote said.

They were given to the authorities at Tobin health Centre in Namakwakwe. The Canadian company handed over the drugs as people danced who had lost all hope of getting the medication nearer home. Hebrews living in Uganda managed to convince the Canadians to give aid to Uganda.

Gershom Wambede, the leader of Hebrews in Africa who helped in convincing the Canadian led company to give drugs to Uganda while handing over the drugs stressed that they were not for sale.  “These drugs are supposed to be given to the clients free of charge and we have set up a team that will monitor how the drugs are distributed. The culture in Uganda is that people only respect rich and forget the needy. Please let’s learn how to help each other when in need,”Gershom said.

“When you sell these drugs to the victims it means you are as bad as satan who needs to be punished by hell,” Gershom added.

Gershom said that  Ugandans were becoming potential victims to HIV every day  which forced him to contact his friends in Canada to give help aiming at restoring hope to the people living with HIV/AIDS.  “It is frustrating to overcharge donors who are aiming at saving lives of the needy Ugandans,” Gershom said of the taxes that are were incurred by the company.

He went on to appeal to the ministry of health lobby to scrap off taxes from the drugs that are donated to come and save life.

Executive Director Canadian Friends of Pearl of Children, Deborah Rottenberg in her speech promised to continue donating drugs and added saying she was working round the clock to see that early delivery of the condoms to save those who cannot stay without sex.

Zulaika said after information reached them that TASO had stopped giving drugs to the infected, the victims felt abandoned.