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By Jane Nambi

For the first time since Tusker Project Fame 5 kicked off, Kenya’s Ruth Matete is probation.

Doing their own original compositions, the contestants showed their prowess at the stage not only in what they do best, which is sing, but also how well they can write their own songs.

Music Director, R.Kay said it was important for one to write their own songs, because it is easier for them to perform songs which they have written.

Performing a song on heart breaks, Ruth once again wowed the audience and the judges. “You have one of the best and strongest voices in the academy,” Judge Ian commented.

However, she did not wow the judges as much as she landed herself on probation alongside Sharon, Steve and Joe.

This is the first time Ruth is on probation.

  • purity

    was it a must for the judges to put 4 people on probation? Ruth was put on probation just to make the contestants on probation 4. yesterday it was very hard for the judges to make the decision because their usual Doreen proved that she is the most creative of all.

    anyway Ruth we will vote for you we cant let you go and leave the 5million while you deserve it

  • Joe

    Waah our lady Ruth I was surprised that u went on probation, U have the best voice in the house, this time I saw Ian appreciating, Bambi our girl Sharon we love u composed a loving song every one w’d like to dedicate to his/her mum. E.A lets save sharon

  • Mudi Arnold

    Ruth,am ur fan!And this thing is urs for the taking….

  • seth

    i personally love u…..make me proud this saturday!!! mwaaaaa

  • ashley

    hei sharon ma dea we luv u so much in uganda and u jackson ibelieve u bring the money home chao