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By Jane Nambi

From the purple princess to the princess of probation to just Doreen, Doreen shocked the audience, and her self as she was announced as number two during the Tusker Project Fame 5 finals which took place yesterday.

Doreen emerged as the first runner up beating Rwanda’s Jackson Kaliba who emerged as number three. Doreen’s post not only shocked the audience but also Doreen herself as she shook her head in surprise after Jackson was announced second runner up.

During their last performances yesterday, Doreen performed a song which brought a lot of doubt from the judges who seemed disappointed. “I have a question for you Doreen,” said Judge Gerrard from Universal Records.  “Will the 5 million make you come out of your cocoon?” he asked of her performance.

Doreen’s performance was a disappointment and according to Judge Hermes, it seemed as though she wasn’t in the mood. She did not engage the audience and it seemed as though she was singing to her self.

Doreen’s performance was followed by Joe’s who did Papa Wemba’s Yo le le and according to the judges’ reaction; he did a pretty good job. He danced well to the song and at the same time delivered in his vocals. “Coming from the previous performance, the show has just begun,” Julianna said of his performance. Despite his winning last performance, Joe came fourth in the finals.

Rwanda’s Jackson again wowed the crowd with a song by Lokua Kanza Voir Le Jour which meant, Until I see the day. Playing his guitar and singing, Jackson’s performance pleased Gerrard beyond comparison. “I have been at some of the best artiste’s performances. I have seen John Legend and Lenny but while you were performing, I forgot this was a competition, that was a performance,” he said. Voice coach Kavutha wouldn’t agree more as she said, “None of us here understood anything that you sung but we felt every thing you said.” Jackson curbed number three in the finals.

Ruth emerged the winner of Tusker Project Fame 5 and her last performance was truly a winner. Doing Coldplay’s Clocks, Ruth, according to Julianna performed a song, (which she did not know at all or ever heard of) and ripped it apart. Judge Ian concluded saying she was a winner, and indeed, she was for the night and according to the audience. “This was epic,” Hermes said.

List of winners in Tusker Project Fame 5

  1. Ruth Matete (Kenya)
  2. Doreen (Kenya)
  3. Jackson Kaliba (Rwanda)
  4. Joe Irankunda (Burundi)


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    she deserves any coz she rose from grass to graft.After all a dying woman clutches at mans cloth.