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By Jane Nambi

A man’s private parts were stolen when he was sleeping and he did not feel a thing.

Thieves cut off his private parts as he was sleeping and upon waking, he found a part of him was missing, according to police.

41-year-old Fei Lin, of the Niqiao village near Wenling City, in east China’s Zhejiang province, told police he was asleep when the thieves burst into his room and put a bag over his head.

“They put something over my head and pulled down my trousers and then they ran off,” Lin said. “I was so shocked I didn’t feel a thing – then I saw I was bleeding and my [private parts] were gone,” said the disgruntled Fei.

Lin was having several affairs with local women and police suspect the distraught lovers of the women did the deed. However, Lin denies any kind of infidelity on his part.

Police and emergency workers and police searched for Lin’s missing private parts in vain. Police is looking for the thieves though.