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By Jane Nambi

After the exceptional win yesterday against Germany, Italy has to prove its worth in the UEFA Euro 2012 finals against Spain on Sunday.

Italy managed to beat Germany in the semi finals, 2-1 but it still has a long way to go to actually term itself as the winner.

Germany lost to Italy on Thursday with 2-1.

Spain won against Portugal in the semi finals, 4-2 in the penalties and earned itself a place in the finals which are going to place on Sunday against Italy.

Spain’s prowess is a force to contend with and Italy should be prepared. Spain defeated Portugal in the semi-finals, Wednesday in penalties, 4-2.

Penalties Cesc Fabregas scores. Spanish players flood the field. Ronaldo shakes his head. Spain is off to the final, with a chance to defend its title. The penalties saw Iniesta score for Spain, 1-0 leading with 1-0.  Pepe equaled the odds after he scored for Portugal making it 1-1.

Gerard Pique scored for Spain making it lead with 2-1 but Portugal’s luck did come in handy as Nani scored for Portugal, high to the roof of the net making it 2-2. Sergio Ramos for Spain, chipped it into the net making it 3-2 for Spain but Portugal missed after Bruno Alves for Portugal rifled it off the crossbar.

Cesc Fabregas scored for Spain making it 4-2 and Spain was off to the finals.

Italy’s win was sensational after Balotelli scored both goals in the first half. The first goal was scored in the 20th minute and the second one fifteen minutes later in the 36th minute which made him strip off his shirt and stand motionless which earned him a yellow card.

Spain’s expertise at the pitch gives it the better advantage of winning the finals but Italy, usually the undermined team gets away with it and wins to everyone’s surprise and Thursday’s win against Germany is testimony in its self.