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By Sandra Birungi

Kenya’s Ruth Matete managed to scoop herself the Ksh5m after winning Tusker Project Fame 5.

Ruth’s powerful voice was projected during her last performance doing Coldplay’s Clocks.

Before the performance, Ruth revealed that she did not know the song at all neither did she know the band which did the song. However, her rendition of the song left the audience rattled and the judges baffled as she did it with so much enthusiasm and emotion.

Judge Ian couldn’t agree more: “What a way to curb the evening. You are a winner,” he said. Judge Gerrard from Universal Records simply said, “Absolutely phenomenon.” Principle Helen of the academy faculty said appearances are deceiving for Ruth’s outward appearance is small but her voice is over powering.

After announcing her winner, the clearly excited Ruth fell to the floor and remained motionless for some time. Dr. Mich had to check her pulse to find out if she was fine before telling her to say something to her fans. Out of breath and still shocked, Ruth couldn’t find the words to express her feelings and she was given time to calm her self down.

Ruth was the most voted for contestant and was followed by Doreen and Jackson who were the first and second runner ups respectively.

Her win did not come as a surprise as her performances were powerful from the very beginning. Her voice’s projection and stage performances indulge the audience into what she is feeling as she is singing.

As her acceptance speech, Ruth said, “Thank you God, I love you so much. To all my fans, expect something new, something which has never been done before. Thank you, I love you.”

Ruth deserved to win Tusker Project Fame 5. Her performances were not only powerful, they were emotional. She performed with love and feeling and knew how to work the floor as she danced and used the stage to its maximum.

She was put on probation once and according to one Nambi Alice, a teacher, she was put there only because the judges wanted for her to be there for once. Even then, she emerged as the audience’s favorite.

Congratulations Ruth Matete. You did Kenya, East Africa and Africa at large proud.


  1. Josey says:

    It was very fair for Ruth to win Congs and all the Best

    1. irene posta says:

      congs gal, u deserved t girl

    2. Andrew Mulema says:

      Congs my sis, you deserved it

  2. Peter baraza says:

    Truely wonderful lady wid wonderful perfomance wid wonderful voice…….goodluck girl!!

  3. langat chris says:

    she had scooped what was waiting for.i wish she would give something to the voters cos it was out of votes that she emerge the winner.

  4. Dennis says:

    Lv u Ruth, u did us proud, op u continue havin a prosperous life