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By Maureen Nakigozi

Kabaka during the 2011 coronation anniversary

Preparations are in high gear in Buganda as the Kabaka’s 19th coronation anniversary  draws near.The ceremony  is scheduled to take place on July 31, 2012 at Sentema in Busiro.

According to the minister of education in Buganda Kingdom, Fredrick Masagazi Masazi, the coronation ceremony has been kick started with the exhibition in Sentema which will last up to the coronation date.

He has called upon all the Baganda and the well wishers to visit the exhibition to support the  Buganda kingdom.

Masagazi said that before the coronation, there will be rituals performed onto clan leaders as a way of seeking permission from the gods to carry on the ceremony.

Last year’s coronation anniversary in Kasangati was attended by many influential figures in the country.


  1. Nsubuga Abubakari says:

    Yah we are all eagerly getting ready for that big big day. No sane Muganda should miss out on this otherwise where else will you show you happiness and gratitude. Let’s all meet there and please come now and take part in the preparations which iclude among others TREE PLANTING for environmental restoration