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By Jumah Nsubuga

Kampala central MP Mohammed Nsereko has vowed not to appear before the disciplinary committee of NRM if he is summoned.

The party Electoral Commission chairman Elijah Mushemeza threatened to summon him and other party members for having contravened the NRM Constitution when they decampaigned the official party candidate Alintuma Nsambu, in favor  of Mathias Nsubuga of  DP during the Bukoto South bye-election.

Kampala central MP Mohammed Nsereko

Nsereko told journalists at parliament that what he did is to campaign for a candidate of his choice and no one in the party has the moral authority to summon him.

Nsereko says it is his right to campaign for any Ugandan and he will also campaign for the FDC candidate Winnie Kizza in Kasese by- election  because she has the qualities of the good leader.

“Am going to camp in Kasese to campaign for FDC’s Winnie  Kizza .She is a tested leader,patriotic,eligible and ready to fight for the rights of the common people” Nsereko noted

He further stressed that those who think that he can appear before NRM disciplinary committee are dreaming because even the NRM vice chairman Hajji Moses Kigongo can not put his signature on the latter to summon Nsereko.


  1. Hillary says:

    Mr.MP don’t even bather yo self coz its your right to campaign for a canidate of your self.