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By Jane Nambi

National Resistance Movement (NRM) contender, Nsambu Alintuma has lost the Bukoto South Seat to Democratic Party’s (DP) contender, Mathias Nsubuga.

Nsambu’s loss echos Nadduli Abdu’s threats to the Buganda community who said Buganda risks losing its kingdom ship if it does not vote for NRM’s contender, Nsambu.

Nsambu lost to Nsubuga who won with 1300 votes. Nsambu got 200 votes.

The Bukoto South seat fell vacant after Masaka High Court nullified the election of Mbabaali as the Bukoto South MP. After filing an appeal in the Court of Appeal, Mbabaali lost the case as the Court of Appeal upheld Masaka High Court’s ruling and nullified the election of Mbabaali.

Nsubuga’s win means less seats for NRM in parliament as this comes as the seventh loss to the opposition.

Nsubuga’s win also saves DP’s president, Nobert Mao who had promised to resign if Nsubuga does not win.


  1. Khainja says:

    DP’s win is a clear indication that People are tired of NRM autocratic rule. Abantu Bakoowu! Bukenya won because he did not associate himself with NRM/ M7. Alintuma’s arrogance also made it hard for NRM to market him in Buganda. Wise leaders are always humble and pick their words with care.

  2. Martin says:

    Congratulation the people of Bukoto!!!!! It’s difficult to resist intimidation that is administered in different forms, Some of us have experienced this b4 and successfully done the correct thing. Now my appeal to the patriotic Ugandans is that prepare sufficient political shock absorbers to resist the perpetrators of this autocratic rule come 2016. Opposition oyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! The people of Kasese, the ball is on your court please show them.