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By Ahura Mujuni Mark

Dr Richard Nduhura ,State Minister for Health

A Ugandan health official has announced that Northern Uganda will not be declared a disaster area because it has not yet failed to contain the Nodding Disease Syndrome in the region .

FDC Kitgum Woman MP Beatrice Anywar together with a section of Northern Uganda MPs  have continued to pressure government to declare Uganda a disaster area because of its failure to eliminate the nodding disease that has affected over 3,500 children.

“I talked to representatives of the European Union, the French ambassador to Uganda and officials of the German embassy to give aid and relief to the region but their major stand is that the area has not been declared a disaster area, meaning the government can handle the situation,” the MP Anywar was quoted saying

Uganda’s  State minister of health, Richard Nduhura while appearing before the subcommittee set up by the speaker to study the situation in Northern Uganda said that government cannot declare the place a disaster area because it has established several interventions to eliminate the disease.

He noted that the leaders pressuring government to declare Northern Uganda a disaster area have their own political and economic interests which government will not accept.

“We shall not bow down to the pressure of of some of our leaders  to do something that is not right for the country.”The Minister Said



  1. Kerosene says:

    Sincerely, from a realistic point of view, is it true that the gov’t is doing everything it can to arrest the situation in the North? If over 300 children have already lost their lifes & over 3,500 are living with the diease with little hope of surviving, then is the gov’t really correct to say that the northern MPs are wrong to seek for internation help? Does the gov’t want over a million poeple to die so that it realises it’s beyond their control? oh, it is clear that the gov’t does not feel any pain for the innocent children of the north. May God help these Children.