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By Martha Nakimuli

Hope for cure of the nodding disease eating up children in the north is fading after experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters in Atlanta and from the World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that they are not any near to finding the drug to cure the epidemic.

This comes at a time when the government has refused to declare the northern region a disaster area a request forwarded by Acholi leaders and several politicians saying nodding disease is controllable.

Dr Scott Dowell the Director of CDC’s Global Detection Division and Emergency said that it may take long time to find the cure of the drug but they are working together with the Ministry of Health so see that they find the cure.

“We acknowledge the frustration many parents feel but it may take a long time to solve to mystery,” Dr. Dowell.

Dr Dowell further said that they are recommending giving anti-epileptic medicines and nutritional supplements as treatments for the time being as research to find the proper drug which cures the disease though it is not yet confirmed whether the anti-epileptic drugs are effective.

Since 2011, a team of researchers from Atlanta have been researching on the cause of the disease but have not yet made their findings public.

According to the Ministry of Health data, about 5,000 children from Lamwo, Gulu, Pader, and Kitgum districts have been affected and so far at least 200 children have succumbed to the disease.


  1. Kerosene says:

    How sad, how pathetic. Too bad for the suffering children. Last week we saw one of the NGOs in the north about to withdraw their support (research) on the disease & now the famous WHO & CDCs showing sign of defeat as of what really is the cause of this disease, i think the only weapon we are remainding with is a prayer to the almighty to come to the rescue. May He help the north.