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By Sandra Birungi

After children, as young as 4 years old were burnt in  a school fire recently, MPs have come out to demand that the Ministry of Education should come up with proper laws in connection to young children being taken to boarding school.

Yesterday during the parliamentary session, the MPs made the out cry to the Ministry of Education saying it would be safer to bar parents from taking very young children to boarding schools.

Masaka district woman MP, Freda Kase Mubanda urged the ministry to come up with the measures to promote safety and security of children at school.  Among them include ample walking space in-between beds, emergence exits, fire extinguishers and installing smoke detectors in ceilings.

Masaka Municipality MP, Mathias Mpuuga said parents come up with guidelines stating as to which age group goes to a boarding school. Entebbe Municipality MP, Mohamed Kawuma urged the ministry to develop a comprehensive policy encompassing daycare centers.

Serere MP, Alice Alaso revealed that besides the issue of taking very young children to school, there are schools where children never go home for holidays. She wanted to know what the ministry was doing about it.

  • asporo

    The decision very important for health of the children and for sure imagine ababy of three,four,five and six who can not know that is feel headache istead you as aparent see akid and you discover
    is suffering from flu,cough,maleria as the case may be.
    Concerning behaviour what kind of people
    are going have in anear future?
    These schools get burnt because of competion.If the government do not come up with wright reguration expect more
    disersters to come.Politics is the cancer
    that is eating up our country.