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By Maureen Nakigozi

State Minister for ICT Nyombi Thembo’s wife died on Saturday in an accident which occurred at Bwebajja on Entebbe road.

Mrs. Prisca Mashengyero Thembo, 47, died on spot after a Fuso lorry rammed into her car as she was driving back home.

The car which Mrs Thembo was driving

According to the eye witness, the Fuso lorry which rammed into Mrs. Thembo’s car was heading to Entebbe Airport where it was to off load flowers.

Minister Nyombi Thembo said that his wife was from weekend shopping when the accident happened and he was following her car but when he reached Kajjansi he had a stop over and she continued home. After a while he also decided to head home. When he reached Bwebajja he saw people gathered and decided to get out of his car to see what has happened only to find out that his wife had got involved in the accident and had died on spot.

The body of the deceased was taken to Mulago hospital for postmortem examination.

A requim mass is to be held for the deceased at Rubaga Cathedral today morning at 10:00am thereafter the body of the late will be taken to the family home at Bweraga, Entebbe for the awake.

She will be laid to rest on Wednesday at Kyamusugga Kassanda in Mubende district.

The late is survived by a husband, Nyombi Thembo and five children.


  1. Maria Kish says:

    What a horrendous thing to have happened all in the name of careless driving.
    I just hope you will be strong enough to sustain your deep grief as well as calming down your grief stricken children
    at the same time. May God comfort you and give you the grace to carry on and May His infinite love,care, and grace be upon you and your children. Amen