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By Maureen Nakigozi

After releasing the Ssemakokiro song that didn’t catch fire, Mega Dee has released another song that has caught our  attention, not because of its attachment to the Honorable Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, Hon Rebbecca Kadaga but the praises it contains.

In the song dubbed Kadaga, Mega Dee pours praises on the speaker, referring to her as “the number one fighter for Busoga region! Mega Dee further describes Kadaga as soft spoken yet she is the speaker for the entire nation.

The singer then cautions Kadaga never to give biased judgement in Parliament, not to forget the Kyabazinga issue oppressing the Basoga, to campaign for education for the girl child and not to forget her son “Mega Dee!”

The speaker has not said anything about the song but Mega Dee is sure the song will hit the waves.